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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


        Riza Ruen Bayola. The last name rings a bell, right? Unless you are from ancient Mesopotamia then you will not be familiar with it. If you watch TV and glued most especially to the Kapuso channel, then I am sure you that you will ask: how is Riza related to Wally Bayola? Wally is a famous comedian in his own right, and is a regular of Eat Bulaga and other shows. As if you don’t know! The first time that she became my student, I already knew that Wally is her husband since word got around concerning it. 

        Whether inside or outside the classroom, I find Riza unassuming and calm. No aura of my-husband-is-famous. Very cordial and low-key.  Very simple in her ways and manners.  Down to earth to put it simply. Walang ere. And is always ready to give you a warm smile.

        Riza must know the value of education very well, since she decided to still pursue a degree despite having several kids already. And not just any degree if I may add. It is a nursing degree which requires students to render duty hours, attend review sessions, and take comprehensive exams. These are activities which will surely get in the way of one’s family life. But how did she nail it? Call it hitting two birds with one stone. She is a family woman and a student rolled into one! With her husband’s more-than-enough earnings, she could have been just a lady of leisure. Traveling, shopping, and eating at fancy restaurants. But this lady is different. She wanted a diploma, and achieved it in a very humble manner. 

Let us get to know her better:

Paano kayo nagkakilala ni Wally?
Nagkakilala kami sa school...(Naga College Foundation). I was in 3rd year highschool and he was in 1st year college. Magkasama kami sa isang theater group. He's my first and last boyfriend!


When did you get married?
April 10,1995

You already have 5 beautiful children. Dadagdagan nyo pa ba?
Ha ha ha! Ayoko na..mahirap magpalaki ng maraming anak!

Does Wally have a serious side?
Hmmm...meron naman, pag magkaaway kami he he!

How do people react when they learn that Wally is your husband?
They have different reactions..may meron din ayaw maniwala ha ha ha!

Did you have a job before ka nag nursing?
I worked at Klownz (Araneta) as cashier/encoder.

Why nursing?
Nakakatawa naman para akong bata...but it's really my dream since i was a child... to become a nurse someday...ha ha! And I am very thankful to my father-in-law and husband for their support.

How did you balance your time between your studies and family life? Mahirap ba?
Naku sobrang hirap i-balance...lalo na sa mga kids, minsan di ako nakakapunta sa mga important events sa school nila and sobrang sad ako dun...pero bumabawi naman kami during day talaga din yung time ni Wally for us.

Do you plan to work as a nurse? I am sure Wally's earnings are enough.
Yes, i want to work as a nurse...kahit dito lang sa Philippines ok na sa akin he he he...ayaw din kasi ni Wally na umalis ako (if ever)...kasi maliliit pa ang bunzee and bunzay namin he he.

Ano work ni Wally bago mag showbiz?
Band vocalist

Di ba may show si Wally sa TV5 apart from Eat Bulaga? Lilipat na ba siya ng 5?
Yes may show po sila sa 5...di naman po kasi sila exclusive sa 7...kaya ok lang naman.

Close ba talaga sila ni Jose Manalo? Kasi tandem sila di ba?
Yes, they are close...kasi lagi silang "magkasama" hahaha...kidding aside...they're close naman talaga.

Have you met Tito, Vic, and Joey? Mabait ba talaga sila? 
Yes i have already met the TVJ...sobrang bait po nila...I like Bossing and Joey, sila talaga yung nakakausap ko...napakabait nila! 

What is the best thing about being Mrs. Wally Bayola?
The best thing about being Mrs. Bayola? Well, I get to meet people na kahit sa panaginip ko ay di ko inakalang makakasalamuha yung feeling na parang artista ka na rin kasi maraming nakakakilala sayo he he he!

Ano theme song nyo ni Wally?
Ha ha ha! Nakakatawa pero yung "Till Death Do Us Part" ng White Lions! Ha ha ha! 

Riza one time nakita kita sa Gani's. I was waiting for my food. Di ba may TV dun? Nakaupo ka mejo nakaharap sa TV. Noong nag-uumpisa na ang Eat Bulaga, you immediately stood up without touching your food and immediately left. Naaalala mo pa ba bakit ka umalis agad? I really wondered bakit ka umalis agad.
Hahahaha!..parang galit yata ako that time sa asawa ko...ha ha ha ha! Naalala mo pa yun sir?

May Riza's life and humility serve as an inspiration for us, that it is never too late to get an education.

Congratulations Riza!


  1. Kamusta mga kaso ni Jose? Abswelto na ba siya?
    **Eto, mejo may alam ako ng konti...

    Bakit naghiwalay si Vic at Pia?
    **Sir, ibulong mo sa akin ang sagot nyan bukas!

    Nice blog! Saktong sakto ang description mo about Ms. Riza...How could I forget the very first person to approach me in my computer class as a first-time instructor…I remember we had a long conversation waiting for other students to come, and nearing the end of our convo as my students were starting to come over, she mentioned that she's Wally's wife. I immediately checked my official enrollment list... I was stunned! Like, OMG, really? Coz Wally is one of my favorite comedienne! She's humble really. Kudos Mrs. Bayola!

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  2. Comedian, I mean. (he!he! naging babae tuloy...)

  3. the sweetest person i've known so far after my krissy..